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Below are some frequently asked questions which might help you get answers to questions you might have

How soon should I think about booking my Wedding Photographer?

The Earlier the better to make sure you can secure your date - Wedding photographers are often booked months and even years in advance so once you have a date set start thinking about booking in your photographer!

When do you require payment?

Initially I require a booking fee to secure your date with 50% of the remainder due 6 months prior to the wedding and the final payment due 7 days before the wedding

Will we meet with you before the Wedding?

Yes, 100% yes! I love meeting with you before your wedding so that we can go through the plan for the day and most importantly can get to know each other - Also it gives you a chance to get a little more comfortable in front of the camera. If however a meet up in person isn't possible I'm more than happy to have a video call to meet and chat about your day.

Do we need to feed you on the day?

This is by no means expected and I will always bring picnic style food with me to keep in the car but of course if it was offered I would never turn it down - I wouldn't be expecting to sit down amongst your wedding party but most venue's/caterers offer a supplier meal which I would be over the moon with!

Do you have any kind of insurance?

Yes - I have insurance covering my gear against damage as well as public liability insurance which will be required by most venues, if you need evidence of this to share with your venue I'm more than happy to provide you the details

How much editing of the photos do you do?

I will go through each photo from the day and apply basic colour correction whilst also lightly editing (smoothing skin, removing blemishes or objects) however if something more substantial is required this would have to be quoted as additional work due to the time it takes.

Do you retain copyright of the images from the day?

Yes I do as the person who has taken those images I retain copyright which allows me to use your photos on my social media/website and other uses - If however you would prefer me not to please do let me know in advance and we can discuss that.

Do you reserve the right to publish the photos?

Yes is my preference however this is 100 percent negotiable, it's not a deal breaker however my hope is that you'll find your photos too awesome not to want to share them!

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